Q: If I want to buy an existing set, what is the process?

A: After you buy a set, I will send you a sample and contact you about customizing it just for you.  This includes picking your colors, changing the wording, and deciding if you’d like any extras.  When I’m done with the customization (1-2 weeks) I’ll send you a proof to finalize the design.  I can send you a second proof if additional changes are needed.  Then we go to print!  About 2-4 weeks later I will send you the invitations, ready for you to assemble and mail to your guests!  The whole process takes 3-6 weeks, longer for more complex sets.

Q: How long will it take to get my invitations?

A: I usually ship your invitations within 6 weeks after purchase.

Q: Can I put a rush on my invitations?

A: Yes, for an extra $150 fee, you can get your invites in 2-3 weeks.

Q: How many proofs do I get with purchase of a set?

A: You get 2 proofs for free.  After that, proofs are $5.00.

Q: Do you issue refunds?

A: Yes, depending on the work completed.  Full refunds are available for 24 hours after purchase.  Full refunds minus the sample fee ($5) are available before I’ve started customization.  After customization has started, I’ll refund 50% of the purchase price.  After proofs are sent, there are no refunds, but I will work hard to correct any problems with your purchase.

Q: Do you offer letterpress printing?

A: Sorry, not at this time, but it is a future possibility.

Q: Can I buy a digital copy and print the sets myself?

A: In general, no.  If you have your heart set on invitations using a specialty paper or letterpress printing, contact me about this possibility.

Q: Do you make custom sets?

A: Absolutely!  I am always excited to try new ideas for sets.  If you want more information about a completely custom set, please read my Custom page.

Q: Where do you get all of your ideas?

A: I get my ideas from everywhere: modern and vintage scientific images and data, the work of other scientific artists, suggestions from friends and clients, books and articles about blending science and art…everywhere!

Q: Why make wedding invitations about science?

A: To me, science is the source of all beauty.  Everything in the natural world is created through scientific rules and processes.  Symmetry, order, color – these are all scientific creations.  I could go on forever about how beautiful the world is to a scientist, but I think Herbert Spencer said it best:

“Those engaged in scientific researches constantly show us that they realize not less vividly, but more vividly, than others, the poetry of their subjects.  Think you that a drop of water, which to the vulgar eye is but a drop of water, loses anything in the eye of the physicist who knows that its elements are held together by a force which, if suddenly liberated, would produce a flash of lightning?  Think you that what is carelessly looked upon by the uninitiated as a mere snow-flake, does not suggest higher associations to one who has seen through a microscope the wondrously varied and elegant forms of snow-crystals?  Think you that the rounded rock marked with parallel scratches calls up as much poetry in an ignorant mind as in the mind of a geologist, who knows that over this rock a glacier slid a million years ago?  The truth is, that those who have never entered upon scientific pursuits know not a tithe of the poetry by which they are surrounded.”